Thomas Q. Jones Huh Joon-Ho Christina Grimmie Laurence Basse



We are very excited to launch our celebrity-designed, limited-edition footwear collections.
  • Each celebrity has collaborated closely with Pasquale on these designs
  • We meld classic Italian shoe construction with the celebrity's own individual personality and sensibilities
  • Pasquale passionately supervises the creation of the shoes
  • All shoes are handmade in Italy by the world’s most skilled craftspeople
  • We only use the finest leathers and materials
The results are exquisite. The shoes reveal an attention to detail that is Pasquale’s trademark and the tell-tale sign of quality workmanship. They are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.
All of the shoes in our celebrity-designed, limited edition footwear collections will be specially-made to your exact size in Italy and shipped directly to you.
Each shoe is specially-made with care, precision and craftsmanship, which takes time. 
  • Shoes in celebrity collections will be open for sale on selected dates
  • The process will take 8 to 10 weeks to build and ship.
Our footwear collections feature unique designs that you will not find in any store anywhere in the world. This is a one-time opportunity, and once each limited-edition collection is sold out, they will not be available again.