The Ali Film

by Luci Sousa May 06, 2017

There is a rarity that comes with epic films. I mean think about films that will stand as tertaments to stories, icons, art and the culture of our time. As people like us look back on the likes of Gone With The Wind or The 10 Clash of the Titans, so will our grand kids look back on our works of art in our time and remember that we created works that stood out in our time as well.

That brings me to the film “Ali”. You remember that film, you know the one with Will Smith in it portraying the life and struggles of “The Greatest of All-Time?” Well our Master Designer Pasquale Fabrizio and his team actually made the in-ring footware for Will Smith to wear.

Yep, the same man behind the Q by Pasquale brand was the mind in charge of making sure that the footwear was authentic for the Michael Mann biopic. The work was miticulous, stitch by stitch, seam by seam Pasquale worked to make sure when you looked at Will’s feet, you saw the champ’s authentic look. Check this Q by Pasquale moment out as he talks about his memories from working on that film.


Luci Sousa
Luci Sousa


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