Q by Pasqule Moment Mick Jagger

by Ricky Fabrizio April 20, 2017

Celebrities, we all have that one that we look at and really appreciate the art that they give us. I mean we are talking about world class talents who endure decades due to their gifts and willingness to share them with us. Let’s go big, I mean Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones.

Imagine if you could meet that one person whose art was super influential in your life? What would you say to that person. What would you expect them to be like. Our celebrity designer Pasquale Fabrizio lives a life most of us could only dream about. When you’re raised in the business and know everyone these opportunities are pretty frequent and often negligible.

Until you get a call to work with Mick Jagger. For Pasquale, Mick is where his influence was while he was coming of age. Yeah that’s right at some point in time, he couldn’t get no satisfaction LOL, but I digress. When you have that opportunity to work with someone whose art was influential on your life it is a rewarding experience.

You first have to get over that moment of, wow your music or movies meant a lot to me. That might take a bit of work, then you have to get down to the business of the work. That’s why they came to you to begin with because you’re also at the top of your game. When you’re done, you both go your own way, but the memories of that interaction will last a lifetime. Here is a Q by Pasquale moment on the times that he has worked with Mick Jagger!

Ricky Fabrizio
Ricky Fabrizio


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