Q by Pasquale Moments Michael Clarke Duncan

by Ricky Fabrizio May 27, 2017

There’s a certain amount of satisfaction that accompanies a job well done. No matter who we are, when we do something that we love we give it the best that we have and stand beside our work as an accomplishment. When you see the service that you provide bring someone else joy, that is the pinnacle of creation.

That smile, that voice, that personality. In the pantheon of entertainment and film we have enjoyed a significant amount of enjoyment as stars have shared their remarkable talents with us. The name Michael Clarke Duncan stands out as a phenomenal talent that left this world all too soon.

Our celebrity designer Pasquale Fabrizio shares his experiences with Michael at the Golden Globes. You can see by this video that there was a moment of humanity and shrimp that these two shared that you will never be able to experience in time again. For that moment and memory, we salute you and miss you Michael.

Ricky Fabrizio
Ricky Fabrizio


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