Q by Pasquale Moments: Madonna

by Luci Sousa June 12, 2017

There are a few people on the planet who can be known by just one name. I mean think about this for a minute. You had Prince, the Pope, Teen Wolf (That’s actually 2 names), Cher, Chewbacca, I mean you get where I am going with this. Enter Madonna!

In the pantheon of A List celebrities you will not find a bigger name. From the time she first broke on to the scene in 1982 to her motion picture debut Desperately Seeking Susan she has stood at the center of art and culture for over 35 years.

 Our legendary cobbler to the stars Pasquale Fabrizio has been brought in on multiple occasions to help bring her footwear together with her costumes. The first time was on the set of the James Bond film “Die Another Day” where she she fenced with a dashing Pierce Brosnan. Here is pasquale’s recollection of that initial meeting.

Luci Sousa
Luci Sousa


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