Q by Pasquale Moments: Jeff Goldbloom

by Ricky Fabrizio June 26, 2017

The word friend is often taken for granted. It’s overused like the word awesome is. If everything is awesome then how would you describe average. Same thing with people, If you refer to everyone that you encounter as a friend, well that just isn’t a reality.

When you have a real friend and you value the relationship, you’re a blessed individual. I had a friend who invited me to a wedding once. I will share something personal with you guys, I am a true introvert who just likes to be at home and I don’t have to go anywhere for days at a time. Because of this, I blew my friend’s wedding off, I hurt his feelings and I am lucky to still have him as a friend.

I wish that when we create these kinds of faux pas that there was a reset button. The ability to say to that person I would love to come but I have “X.” Younger me has typically not been so considerate.

We live in life and learn in life, we love in life and no matter whose energy we encounter, love of that soul is what fuels friendships. Here is Pasquale’s take on his relationship with Jeff Goldbloom and how that relationship has changed his life.

Ricky Fabrizio
Ricky Fabrizio


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