Q by Pasquale Moments: Andy Garcia

by Ricky Fabrizio May 27, 2017

Our legendary designer to the stars Pasquale Fabrizio used to have a restaurant attached to his headquarters in Los Angeles. This actually was quite the lunch spot and had no shortage of celebrities frequent the establishment.

Mind you as a writer when I hear these stories and meet the people behind them, i become a little bit awestruck. Take Andy Garcia for example, he has played every gangster in Film and TV imaginable. My favorite memory of him was playing Lucky Luciano in “Hoodlum,” he also played one of the “Untouchables” and was in the “Godfather” I mean you name it Garcia has been there.

That takes us to this Q by Pasquale Moment where Pasquale talks about a time that Andy felt a “Draft.” Enjoy the video and please subscribe, follow and like our pages!

Ricky Fabrizio
Ricky Fabrizio


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