Q by Pasquale Moments: Al Pacino

by Ricky Fabrizio May 15, 2017

I once heard Hollywood legend Don Cheadle say that he worked on the film Oceans 13 because there was one actor that everyone wants to have as a co-star on their resume, Al Pacino. The Al Pacino’s storied career is one that will transcend his time on earth as millions will have his talent preserved in motion and reflect on everything he has given us from The Godfather to Scarface and beyond.

Our legendary designer Pasquale Fabrizio has worked with Pacino a few times on films like “Any Given Sunday.” As a result of the relationship that they struck up at work, Al invited Pasquale to a special event and in this video Pasquale talks about the event and how it went. Enjoy the video and please subscribe, follow and like our pages!

Ricky Fabrizio
Ricky Fabrizio


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