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by Pasquale Fabrizio April 20, 2017

Pasquale Fabrizio and Bernie Mac

When a person’s life work takes on epic proportions, when their name stretches from sea to shining sea and beyond. We as observers accept their ascension into the pantheon of global recognition and expect a detachment from the world of “Regular Joes.”

We then base our assessment of this superstar, celebrity or designer as a person on their ability to display their humanity. Everyone can flash a smile. It doesn’t take much to be kind either, though there are enough people who choose not to do that. You know, you hear those stories all the time. Still, there are off camera moments when someone who is the best in their craft chooses to share their humanity with you.

This sharing of their humanity is what we all innately seek when we engage people in our everyday lives. It’s a transfer of energy where two beings share the same aura for a short period of time. This is why you feel happy and laugh when you hear a great story or sad when you know someone’s heart is hurting.

There are a plethora of emotions in between those two, some have names, some don’t. Which takes me to the topic of this post. I ran across this bobble head doll sitting conspicuously on a shelf in Pasquale’s office. I am a Milwaukee native so I immediately identify the uniform as a Brewers uniform. Then I look at the face of the player and realize without seeing the tag at the bottom that this is Bernie Mac from the Movie Mr. 3000.

This bobble head doll was produced for the film which was shot in Milwaukee, I had friends who were extras in the stands. Bernie unfortunately was called to eternity in 2009. When I saw the doll I immediately asked Pasquale about it and in that moment not only was Pasquale’s humanity shared with me, but also that energy and vibe of Bernie’s humanity.

Bernie was a regular at the shop. When he came in he had a great smile, laughed and hung out with everyone as a person, not a celebrity. He took the time to learn people’s names and they looked forward to seeing him come through the door.

There’s only so much I could write to share that moment with you which was why I felt it was important to grab a camera and let Pasquale share that moment and humanity with you himself. This bit of life is now a part of my humanity and we hope that through this video it will become a part of yours.

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Pasquale Fabrizio
Pasquale Fabrizio


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